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Kannur is one among the northernmost districts in the south western state of Kerala in India. The old name ‘Cannanore’ is the anglicised form of the Malayalam word Kannur. Kannur might have derived its name from one of the the Hindu diety, Kannan (Lord Krishna) and Ur (place) making it the place of Lord Krishna. The deity of the Katalayi Sreekrishna temple was earlier situated in a shrine at Katalayi Kotta in the south eastern part of the Kannur town.

Kannur is rich in traditional art and culture. Kannur is the home of Kerala folklore academy. The gift of Kannur in the field of art and culture is its folk arts. A large number of folk plays and dances are prevalent among the scheduled caster and tribes. Each tribe has its own glorious collection of folk plays and dances which are performed during festivals. Theyyam or Theyattam is an ancient and still popular ritual dance. It’s a unique combination of dance, music and also reflects the main features of a tribal culture. Theyyam is generally performed in front of the village shrines. There are a large number of temples in Kannur where Theyyam is performed.

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