Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Meet you at the cruise ship terminal, Pick-up at hotel, Duration:7 Hours

Cochin Houseboat

Per Person

$ 125

Free for Childrens below 10

Elephant Sanctuary Tour (Anakotta)

Any visitor to Kochi who is interested in India’s timeless spirituality cannot afford to miss Guruvayoor Temple. Our tour includes a guide to help you understand the fascinating traditions, and shows you the elephant sanctuary and Kerala’s backwaters.

Tour Details

Guruvayoor Temple is one of the holiest places to devotees of Vishnu, one of the 3 main Hindu gods, in southern India. Fascinating on its own, the temple is also home to a unique elephant sanctuary.

Centuries of tantric tradition govern the daily routines and rituals of the temple. It houses a revered image of Vishnu in his incarnation as Krishna, hero of the Mahabharata epic, from which the famous Baghavad Gita (song of God) is taken. A large number of pilgrims and tourists visit this fascinating spot every day.

A temple guide will show you around and explain the legends, rituals and traditions associated with the temple. You might witness a Hindu marriage.

Your guide will also show you the famous elephant sanctuary, the only one attached to a Hindu temple. The 68 elephants that currently live there are offerings devotees have made to Vishnu.

Your chauffeured journey from and back to Kochi includes a tour of Kerala’s idyllic backwaters.

    Elephant Sanctuary Tour

    • Departure: Meet you at the cruise ship terminal, Pick-up at hotel
    • Duration: 7 Hours