Village tour

Village tour

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Cochin Houseboat

Per Person

$ 90

Free for Childrens below 10

Village Tour

Vaikom lies on the western side of the Kottayam district of Kerala. It is a quaint village just an hour’s drive from the city, and offers you a traditional welcome and a chance to witness the unhurried lifestyle of the villagers. See their simple homes and small workshops. On a walk through the village, you will stop briefly at the Khadi Weaving Centre to see villagers produce hand-spun and hand-woven cloth out of cotton, silk or wool yarns. In the village center, you will also see how the local people earn their livelihoods. Ladies weave coir ropes from dried coconut husks, and you’ll see straw mats being woven out of wild pineapple leaves. Watch the local potter create a range of pots and vases, depicting ethnic designs in clay. You will be invited inside a local house for a chance to interact with the family members before you return to the pier or hotel.

    Village tour

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